Payment Options

Payment has never been easier!

You may have noticed a recent change to our billing process!  Since we now offer so many different ways to pay your bill, payment for your policy is now due upon renewal.

See below for all your payment options:


The easy 3-Pay option helps fit your premium payment to your budget.

With the 3-Pay option, you simply divide your premium into 3 payments: one is due upon renewal, the second is due in 30 days, and the final payments is due in 60 days.


Premium of $900 due on August 1:
$300 paid on August 1
$300 paid on September 1
$300 paid on October 1

Call 519-683-4484 if you have any questions.


Use the Pre-Authorized Payment Option

How it works: With your authorization, equal monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account.  A 1.3% interest charge is included.  Withdrawal dates are pre-set to the policy effective date.  The monthly payment plan runs automatically, with the first withdrawal 30 days before the renewal date. Only policies with a minimum premium of $300.00 are eligible.  (Please call your agent to confirm if you qualify).

The Pre-authorized payment option is available each time your policy is up for renewal. (once a year)

Withdrawal date changes to your Pre-authorized payment plan: Six weeks prior to your renewal date is the requested advance notification time frame for changes to withdrawal dates.

Policy changes: When you make a change to your insurance policy, report it to your insurance agent. When the change is processed, you will receive a revised account summary outlining your payment schedule and new payment amounts.

Change of bank or financial institution: The monthly payment plan works with any Canadian bank, trust company or credit union chequing account.  If you change your bank branch or switch to a different financial institution, we will need 3 weeks notice.  Simply contact your agent to make the necessary changes.  We will require a new authorization form to be completed and a new sample void cheque.

How to apply for Monthly Payment Plan

  1. A down payment in the form of a money order or cheque, will be requested by your agent
  2. Complete the authorization form
  3. Attach a sample cheque marked “void” or bank form.

Please note:  a $50.00 administration fee is added to any returned payment.


Make an Online Payment here in minutes.

Simply use your credit card on our Make Payment page, click here.

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