New! Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost Endorsement

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We promise to pay to fully replace your home as it stood the day before the loss. It can be difficult to estimate the exact replacement cost of your home and its contents. To be sure that policyholders receive the full replacements costs for damages, with no deductions for depreciation, NKMi is offering a Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost Endorsement that permits you to rebuild or replace your property due to an insured peril even if the amount of damage exceeds the policy limit.

This valuable coverage is right for you if:

  • You are insured by NKMi Plus Form Homeowner’s Policy
  • Your home is insured to 100% of replacement cost at the time of valuation
  • Your home will be rebuilt on the same site

It is important to notify NKMi of any updates, improvements, extensions or additions to the dwelling.

Contact your NKMi Agent/Broker today for full details on cost and coverage!