Motor Vehicle Collision Safety Message

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Just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon, emergency crews responded to a single motor vehicle collision on Bearline Road at Bay Line.

A Dover Township man was driving a tractor near the edge of the field when he struck a hydro pole leading to a pump house.  The hydro lines were severed and fell onto the tractor.  Luckily the man did not exit the tractor, but rather stayed in the vehicle to call for assistance using his cell phone.

Emergency and hydro personnel rushed to the scene and the man was rescued from the tractor.  The man was not injured.  Damage was estimated at approximately $1500.  No charges were laid.

The Chatham-Kent Police Service and Entegrus would like to reinforce the dangers associated with motor vehicle collisions that involve hydro poles.

Mike Goodwin, Manger of Engineering and Metering at Entegrus, says, “This man did the proper thing, always stay in your vehicle when it comes in contact with electrical wires.  By staying in your vehicle your body remains at the same potential, if you put one foot on the ground and one on the vehicle this will put your two feet at a different voltage potential causing electrical current to flow through your body.  Always assume downed electrical wires to be live and call your local power company as soon as possible.”

Should you have to leave your vehicle due to a fire or secondary emergency:

  1. Don’t touch the vehicle and ground at the same time for any reason
  2. With the door open, prepare to jump (stand up, elbows tucked into your stomach and your hands held close to your chest)
  3. Jump out and away from the vehicle, landing with your feet together and touching (DON’T stumble)
  4. Calmly shuffle with your feet together.  Your feet must always be touching
  5. Keep shuffling until you are at least a bus length (10m) away
  6. Call 911


Chatham-Kent Police Service
Wallaceburg Office