John Podolinsky, Agent

I graduated from the Fanshawe College Business Insurance Program in 2007 and soon afterward became a Chartered Insurance Professional. I continued with my education by studying in Canadian Risk Management before becoming a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional. I now work as an agent at North Kent Mutual Insurance, approaching my tenth year in the insurance industry.

I enjoy spending my available free time outdoors. I love activities such as fishing and biking, and traveling.

North Kent Mutual Insurance is unique in the fact that the company has been providing insurance for over 100 years and is still moving forward. We’re 100% Canadian owned and operate only in Ontario. The policyholders own this insurance company and we’re financially strong.

North Kent Mutual Insurance is like a family, and with the experience we have acquired, we feel confident that we can provide solid insurance coverage to you and your family.

Contact at or CELL (519)-701-9984.