Water Protection – a coverage from NKMi

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Keep your head above water with Water Protection

Protect your investment with Water Protection from North Kent Mutual Insurance.

Here’s why you need it.

Changing weather means bigger headaches. Climate change, aging housing, catastrophic weather events and seasonal changes – these are all reasons why water damage is now #1 contributor to claims in the province today.

Our water protection program offers comprehensive water damage coverage now, to the vast majority of qualifying policyholders.

Water protection coverage from North Kent Mutual Insurance

Water Protection extends beyond the standard sewer/sump/drain back-up coverage by now responding to overland flooding caused by: excessive rain, accumulation, spring run-off, and overflowing freshwater rivers and lakes.
**subject to the limit shown on your declaration page.

Also included is: Emergency Evacuation coverage. This covers your additional living expenses when access to your dwelling is prohibited by civil authority.
(limited to 30 days and/or $3,000 to secure temporary rental space).

Contact your agent or broker for eligibility, pricing and complete details of the new Water Protection Coverage.