Fall Safe Driving Tips

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It’s the first day of Fall. Fall can be unpredictable because of weather changes, beginning of the school year and the end of daylight savings time. Stay safe on the road this season with these smart driving tips:


  • Watch for children. Early in the school year, kids haven’t developed the habit of looking for moving traffic before they cross the road leaving the school bus.
  • Halloween is just around the corner. It’s an exciting time for children, but with the distraction of candy and costumes, safety rules can easily be forgotten. Research shows that distractions increase a child’s chances of being struck by a car. With more children on the streets this Halloween, please take extra care.
  • Be critter conscious. Did you know on average there is a motor vehicle/wild animal collision every 38 minutes in Ontario? Autumn marks the beginning of deer breeding season. Use caution when driving around dusk or dawn, and always keep control of your vehicle.
  • Beware of the darkness. The days are getting shorter, which means you’ll be relying more and more on your headlights for visibility and safety on the road. Here’s how you can restore their brightness and keep them in good use for a long time. https://bit.ly/2Q3qm7B
  • Don’t break on leaves. Did you know wet leaves can be as slippery as ice? Drive slowly through them and avoid hard breaking. Leaves may obscure lane lines and other road markers, so pay attention to the edge of the road and stay in your lane.
  • Cold fall mornings often lead to fog, which limits driving visibility and perception of distance. Fog can be one of the most dangerous weather conditions for both new and experienced drivers. To drive on those foggy mornings, slow down! Driving at normal speeds can be very dangerous. Avoid using high-beam headlights in fog. This only makes visibility worse because high beams bounce off the fog and create glare.
Knowing what to look for and using these tips can help you avoid weather-related car accidents in the fall. Drive safe and happy pumpkin spice season!